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The Technology of autoVAT - learn more about how we do what we do

autoVAT employs proprietary software to bring the benefits of automated VAT management to our clients. By scanning corporate expense data we can proactively identify valuable VAT transactions and focus document collection efforts on recovering or recreating these items.

We maintain a comprehensive VAT rules database that includes VAT rates and rules by country, more than 4,000 mapped merchant classification codes and other VAT reporting and recovery analytics.

      autoVAT® Technology
We use autoVAT® technology to provide high end VAT recovery services to our clients. The following autoVAT® features are unique in the VAT recovery industry:

  • Generate quarterly Invoice Collection Reports - our autoVAT® software identifies recoverable VAT transactions in corporate expense data and then directs document collection efforts to the most valuable invoices. For most corporations, more than 90% of recoverable VAT resides in less than 25% of the candidate invoices.
  • Request missing invoices from vendors - autoVAT® technology can identify when paper documentation has not been located for VAT present in expense data. This allows us to contact vendors and request that they reissue high-value VAT invoices.
  • Generate VAT refund applications - Once the document collection effort is completed, autoVAT automatically generates electronic VAT reclamation application forms. Incorporated into each application is the approved government application form, the list of invoices included in the application, and an equation to show how the requested VAT refund was calculated for each line item. The end result is a highly accurate application for VAT refund.
  • Track refunds through quarterly reporting - autoVAT provides quarterly reporting that contains detailed application tracking information, including: date filed, application amount, refund amount, date refunded, autoVAT fees, and net refund to client. autoVAT also provides tracking of invoices by expense category, document source, and cost center.
  • Improve VAT Recovery - autoVAT® software can analyze the gap between VAT incurred and VAT recovered and suggest methods to improve overall VAT recovery.

      Data Sources
We employ our proprietary autoVAT® software to provide our clients with unique VAT audit and reporting capabilities. To achieve this, our autoVAT® software examines corporate expense data contained in transaction data files.

We currently support data sources from all major credit cards, major T&E and payables applications, and several expense management services. We routinely support new data sources as necessary to meet our clients' needs. All personally-identifiable employee information is removed from transaction files prior to processing and storage on our servers to ensure PCI compliance.

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