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Case Studies - see how others have benefitted from using autoVAT® services
Sample VAT Recovery Profile
Description Quantity
Total T&E Spend $131,000,000
of which is International $8,300,000
of which is in VAT-reclaimable countries $5,600,000
of which includes some VAT $4,000,000
Total Reclaimable VAT $500,000
Total Reclaimable Invoices 10,000
Amount Reclaimed $230,000
Invoices Reclaimed 2,480

On average, we more than double the VAT refund our clients receive in the year following the adoption of our VAT Recovery Services (average improvement of 120%). The table to the left illustrates a typical VAT recovery profile.

Explore three different case studies below for real examples of how we've improved our customer's VAT recovery experience.

      Case Study - Global VAT Policies
A global manufacturer implements a VAT recovery best-practice in the US, yielding an incremental $319K benefit

A global manufacturer did not have a VAT recovery program in place for global expenses originating from US-based business units, although they did reclaim from their European entities. Working with autoVAT, an analysis of their corporate card data revealed that of the approximately $7.8M spent outside the US, around $5.6M was in countries which allowed VAT reclaim.

Some 19,000 invoices with a total value of $3.1M were identified with some reclaimable VAT and $319K was submitted for reclaim. This amounted to 4% of non-domestic spend which is in line with what has typically been achieved by other corporations.

      Case B - Identifying and Pursuing Missing Invoices
A global corporation reclaims $638K annually by employing best practice targeting of missing invoices

A global corporation which had historically not recovered VAT reassessed its stance and decided to initiate a VAT recovery effort with the assistance of autoVAT. Detailed corporate card data was available and analysis of this identified more than $1.4M in eligible VAT from 48,000 invoices, mostly incurred in the UK where the company was able to reclaim VAT over the past 3 years as part of its first claim.

However, VAT reclaimable from the available documentation amounted to only $37K, as the client did not have all the necessary invoices. Fortunately autoVAT was able to use the card data to identify missing invoices, and then worked with the relevant merchants to re-issue documentation. This resulted in an additional $475K being recovered.

Based on the success of this first initiative, the company has now expanded the program to further countries, improved its processes to capture better VAT documentation, and is now recovering VAT annually with $638K being reclaimed for the last tax year.

      Case C - Leverage Expense Data to Maximize Reclaimed VAT
A global firm restructures VAT reclaim to close documentation gaps, increasing recovery by 84%

The US arm of a global firm with an international T&E spend of $8.3M had an outsourced VAT reclaim program in place yielding $125K annually based on the documentation available from existing processes. After switching to autoVAT, the firm was able to maximize recovery by using corporate card data to target high-impact invoices, as well as work directly with merchants to obtain re-issued documents, resulting in an increased application of $230K in the first year of operation. This equated to 6% of the $4M total refundable VAT exposure.

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