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Benefits of using autoVAT - we improve your VAT recovery by knowing where to look

Our proprietary autoVAT® technology allows us to offer significant benefits to our clients, many of which are unique in the VAT management industry.

Improved VAT RecoveryOur VAT Assessment Reports consistently identify two to five times more VAT than historical VAT recovery results. They quantify the true amount of recoverable VAT, thereby setting higher goals for VAT recovery.
Simplified Recovery EffortMore than 90% of recoverable VAT can be found on less than 25% of international invoices - less than 1% of all expense documents. Knowing which invoices are recoverable and also contain a material amount of VAT can greatly reduce the effort required to identify and collect expense documentation.
Active VAT Recovery ManagementOur VAT reports quantify your VAT recovery potential, specifically identify the documents of interest, set expectations for refund timetables, measure your VAT recovery success, identify specific actions to improve your recovery, and reallocate recovered VAT to the division or subsidiary that incurred the expense.
Features of Technology-Enhanced VAT RecoveryThe recovery of foreign VAT has traditionally entailed a labor-intensive review of expense reports for international expenses, the manual review of these expenses to determine recoverability, and then the manual tabulation of VAT for inclusion in a reclamation application. autoVAT® technology improves this process in several ways, as seen in the chart below.

Features of Technology-Enhanced VAT Recovery
FEATURE autoVAT® Recovery Traditional Recovery
Quantifies VAT Recovery Opportunity
Identifies high-value VAT invoices
Reduces number of invoices necessary for successful VAT recovery
Provides on-site invoice retrieval services
Offers reformatting services for invalid invoices
Offers reissuing services for missing invoices
Processes invoices and creates refund applications
Serves as liaison with tax ministries
Provides automated, quarterly refund tracking reports

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